Becoming a Lactation Professional

If you’re just beginning to explore the field of lactation support, you might be feeling confused about how to enter the profession, what courses to take, and whether there are any regulations or requirements for training. You’re not alone!

To help you navigate the field of lactation support, we’ve put together this free mini course. Walking you through the options available for working as a lactation specialist and helping to unravel the confusion about training requirements, this 2-3 hour course will cover:

  • The roles and responsibilities of lactation professionals
  • The differences between various lactation support roles
  • Job opportunities in lactation
  • The history of lactation support
  • Options for lactation education, training, and certification
  • Finding employment in lactation work
  • The IBCLC credential

In just a couple of hours, I had such a clear understanding of my options and was able to start on my goals straight away! – Kristina