Childbirth International is committed to inclusivity and diversity and acknowledges that marginalized and underrepresented communities experience disparities in healthcare. These communities are underrepresented in birth and lactation work, and Childbirth International understands that, as a global organization, we have a responsibility to listen to individuals from these communities and support them in their own needs. 

A marginalized community is a group that is discriminated against and excluded (socially, politically, and economically), relegating them to the outer edges of society and limiting their access to power, resources, and opportunities. They experience social inequality and injustices and face barriers in accessing education, employment and healthcare. In healthcare, they typically face barriers to access and have disparities in maternal and infant outcomes. 

Those engaged in grassroots movements are connected to the social fabric of their communities and are advocates for sustainable initiatives. These organizations are often best equipped to address these specific challenges and needs and are often in a position to best understand the personal impact of systemic issues that affect pregnant and new families.

Childbirth International aims to support sustainable, community-focused solutions. We encourage individuals and groups who are working to address health disparities and injustice in their communities (and you personally identify as part of those communities) and who want to provide birth or lactation support and education to apply for a scholarship opportunity.

Individuals who are part of a marginalized or underrepresented community may apply. Marginalized and underrepresented communities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • Refugees and displaced people
  • LGBTQIA2S+ people
  • People with disabilities

How are scholarships awarded?

Childbirth International offers individual scholarships by lottery for qualifying applicants. We award up to three scholarships every two months with individuals chosen randomly by Scholarship draws are completed the first week of the month for all applications received in the two months prior. Once it is received, the application is reviewed to determine whether the criteria are met (the applicant is a part of a marginalized group together with an intention to work within that community to address disparities and injustice faced by pregnant and new parents).

When a scholarship is awarded, a student has up to three months to accept the offer. Scholarships are not retroactive and cannot be applied to a previously purchased course.

If an applicant meets the criteria for a scholarship but is unsuccessful in the lottery draw, they may be invited to apply again in the future at a time that they choose.

A student’s scholarship application and status are never shared without the applicant’s express permission. 

What does the scholarship cover?

We offer scholarships to those who are themselves part of, and addressing (or intending to address), the defined needs within a marginalized community. The scholarship provides:

  • Courses offered at a discount of 50%
  • Payment of the course fees over a five-month period, if desired
  • No administration fee for the instalments

The reduced cost of the course will cover our costs to ensure that our trainers are financially supported for the work they do in supporting students. Childbirth International does not make a profit on scholarship places.

Each applicant can apply for no more than one scholarship, for one course, at any given time. A student is able to apply for another scholarship in a new course once their first scholarship-funded course is completed. An awarded scholarship cannot be used against current course registrations and is intended for new course enrollments only. Scholarships are available for all training programs offered by Childbirth International including:

  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Childbirth Educator
  • Lactation Counselor

Are there additional fees?

A special code is provided for successful scholarship applicants to enable them to receive the discounted course fees for their chosen payment method. Additional fees, not applicable for the scholarship are:

  • Shipping and printing of course manuals, if requested (printed manuals are optional – all students have lifetime access to the course materials through our online learning site)

If printed manuals are chosen, they are shipped once the full amount has been paid. Before that time, the full course is available (online) through the student website but cannot be printed. Some students choose not to have printed manuals at all and just work from the online course materials.

Please note: printed manuals are only available if paying for a course in one payment, or once all instalments have been made.

Students who have chosen the monthly payment option will lose access to their course materials if a payment fails and a $50 fee will be required to reinstate the plan.

Students who fail an exam will be charged a $35 administration fee for a makeup assignment.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

If you believe you meet the requirements for a scholarship and would like to apply, download the application form below and once completed, send to or contact our support team at who can answer any questions you have or assist in submitting your application. Applications are welcomed in typed, audio, or video format – if you are applying in audio or video format, please ensure you answer all questions.