Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

In order to make our courses affordable for as many people as possible, we offer payment plans for our full certification programs. This enables you to pay for your course over a five-month period. If you would like to choose this option, please ensure you have read, and understand, the payment plan terms below that explains how the payments are made and the consequences of a payment defaulting.

Access to your Credit Information

Payment plans are set up by you through either Stripe or PayPal.  Childbirth International does not have access to any of your bank or credit card details to make changes to your account.

Monthly Payment Plan Fee

All payment plans will be subjected to a $10.00 monthly administration fee per month per course. The monthly administration fee is included in the monthly payment.

Changing your Credit Card Information

Any account or credit card updates must be done through either a your Paypal account (if you chose Paypal) or through a student’s account at by accessing “subscriptions” (if you chose Stripe).

Duration of Payment Plan

Payment plans run the duration of five months. The first payment is withdrawn upon successful registration, with four equal payments due on the same day of each month until the balance is paid in full. These payments are automatically withdrawn from your chosen payment account each month. No action is required to initiate these.

Payment plans are charged every month.  For example, if the first payment is submitted in September, the next payments will be charged on the same day for the next four months.

Changing the Payment Date

You may request a change to the recurring monthly payment date.  Please contact Student Services at to change the payment due date. This MUST be done at least 72 hours BEFORE the next payment is due.  Once the date is changed all subsequent payments will be set at the new date. Payment dates CANNOT be changed after a payment attempt has been made.

Paying your Balance

You may pay your balance at any time at no additional cost. Please contact Student Services at for instructions and a reference number. The monthly administration fees will be waived from future payments as an early payment discount.

Printed Manuals

If you selected printed manuals, they will be ordered and shipped after the payment plan is complete and your balance is paid in full.  Printed manuals will not be shipped until the full balance has been paid. Should you wish to receive your printed manuals earlier, you are welcome to pay the balance at any time. Please contact Student Services at for instructions.

Unsuccessful Automated Payments (Defaulted Payments)

If a monthly payment defaults, your account will be suspended and you will not have access to the online student portal until the payment has been made. Several automatic attempts will be made to secure payment through your chosen payment method.  If these attempts are unsuccessful, you will need to restart the payment plan through by logging in to your account at If you are unable to restart a payment plan, a $50.00 late payment fee will be applied to your balance. Your student website account will be reinstated after confirmation of payment and the late payment fee.

Unsuccessful payment will result in your student website account being suspended and, as an inactive student, you will not have access to the online student portal, course content, or social media groups during this time. These will be reinstated when the outstanding amount and any late fees due have been paid.

If a payment is declined, this was something done by the bank or credit card company.  Childbirth International does not have access to your banking information and unable to see why the payment was declined.  This is an automated system between your account and your chosen payment method. Please contact your bank or credit card company for more information.

Creating a New Payment Plan

In the event of a failed monthly payment, you can create a new payment plan for the remaining balance.  This new payment plan must not exceed the previous 5-month duration and will be subjected to the $50.00 late payment fee.  Please contact Student Services at for payment details and a reference number.

Price Increases

If your payment plan defaults, your account will be classified as inactive.  If you return to your studies at a later date, you will be subjected to any course fee increases and will need to pay any price difference to reinstate your account. A suspended account will be subjected to any price increases after 30 days of a defaulted payment.

Changes to Payment Plan Terms

These payment plan terms may change in the future. Any student who has already started a payment plan and is not in default at the time of changes, the payment plan terms that were in place previously will apply.

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