Combining Courses

Discounts for Combining Courses

Many of our students choose to study for more than one course so they can offer a greater range of services to their clients, and to take advantage of discounts that we offer on combining courses. For example, you may choose to work as a Birth Doula and also a Postpartum Doula to extend the time you work with each family. Offering childbirth classes as well as being a doula enables you to provide a more comprehensive service or take time off from Birth Doula work when you have young children or a full-time job. Adding Lactation Counselor to your skills allows you to work with parents during the first year and support them in breastfeeding or chestfeeding their baby.

Combining courses offers a substantial saving for you and they are also available over the five-month installment plan to make them more affordable. Purchasing a combination of courses at the beginning can save you up to 25% of the training costs. If you decide that you want to start with one course and then add a new course later, you can upgrade at a later date and receive the student discount price (15% discount).

If you choose to do more than one course with Childbirth International you will not have to redo any assignments that are common to both courses. For example, once you have done the physiology exams for the Birth Doula course, you will not have to redo them for the Childbirth Educator course. The communication assignment is found in all our courses but you only have to complete this once.

Discounts are available on all the certification programs we offer if you buy two or more courses together and apply to any combination of the following courses:

Two Courses: 15%
Three Courses: 20%
Four Courses: 25%