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Business for Birth Professionals

The Business for Birth Professionals module is included in all our training and certification programs. It’s also available to purchase as a stand-alone course. If you’re struggling to know where to start, or have a business but need fresh, new ideas, this mini-course will give you the boost you are looking for!

Your course will help you to build a business plan without the fancy jargon. Just great information and exercises to help you flex your business muscles, and ongoing support and guidance from your trainer (optional). Your course materials will provide 34 hours of training. If you choose the business mentoring option, you’ll be assigned a trainer for this course who has extensive experience in business and marketing. You’ll be able to submit your business plan to her, and she’ll provide you with suggestions on how you can develop or grow your business further. She’ll also review your website, or other marketing materials, and give you ideas on branding.

As with all our training programs, you’ll have access to a worldwide network of other birth doulas and trainers. Whether you need tips on finding clients, how to help solve a specific client problem or ideas for balancing your work and personal life, you’ll find support and guidance.

If you’re already studying a full training and certification program with us, you can add the business mentoring option, and receive trainer support while you’re working through your business plan.

Certification: Completion certificate

Duration: 1 month

Time Limit: None

Refunds: Full refund within 2 days, less administration fee ($50)

With business consulting: US$242 (+ shipping)

Without business consulting: US$140 (+ shipping)

You can also choose the green option (online access only) and save money!

The assignments for this short course are optional. If you choose the “business consulting” option when you register your trainer will provide business consultation on the assignments you complete.

  • Business plan review
  • Website (or other marketing materials) review

Just want to say that I have just read through the Business of Birth module and found it incredible!!!!! Now I will go back and actually do the work, but I learned A TON just from reading!!!!


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Without Mentoring

$ 140

one paymentPurchase the Business for Birth Professionals module and create your own business plan and marketing materials to give your business a boost!

With Mentoringmost popular

$ 242

one paymentInclude mentoring with your course and receive feedback and guidance from your trainer on your business plan and your website.

Green Option

$ 130

One PaymentBe gentle on the environment! Complete your course online and save money and trees! Also available with the Mentored option.

Course Syllabus

The Business of Birth provides you with everything you need to know about starting up, or growing, your business. We take away the unknown and daunting parts of running a business and help you to develop strategies that will make your business successful. Throughout the module you’ll develop a comprehensive business plan that will be easy to complete. If you’d like to have guidance and mentoring from your trainer, choose the Mentored option.

Topics in Business of Birth

  • becoming a birth and parenting professional
  • determine your own personal and business goals
  • learn marketing strategies such as segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • develop a customer profile
  • analyze your competitors
  • determine your unique selling point
  • identify ways to broaden your products and services
  • develop your brand
  • learn the basics of website design
  • develop a social media strategy
  • determine your advertising approach
  • learn how to carry out financial analysis and avoid debt
  • understand the different options for a legal business structure
  • time management and ways to deal with work stresses