Business & Training Mentoring

Specialized Guidance and Support

Looking for additional support? Have a problem you need to debrief with someone? Struggling with your assignments and need some tips? Want to work through your business plan together or have an experienced trainer review your marketing materials? We can provide one-on-one mentoring to help you through. Think of our mentor as being the person you would sit down and have a coffee and a chat with to help you through a particular problem.

Once you have registered for mentor support we will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of what concerns you have and goals you have for the mentoring sessions.

The topics you will cover with your mentor will be individualized for you, ensuring that you are able to focus on meeting your needs and goals.

Mentors are there to support you through using reflective practice and critical thinking and problem-solving. They are not therapists or counselors. They cannot provide guidance on specialist areas like your taxes or business regulations in your local region. However, they can walk through with you the things to consider and reflect on, and help you to establish some targets and goals.

Getting Started Mentor

You will receive 90 minutes of support from your mentor on video chat. Typically, you would have 2 sessions with your mentor. You might like to explore:

  • The role of a birth and lactation professional
  • Understanding how CBI training works and what assignments you will complete
  • Some tips on starting your training or work as a birth and lactation professional
  • Guidance on how to plan your training journey
  • Debriefing a particularly challenging experience with a client
  • Some guidance on balancing personal and work life
  • Some ideas on building relationships with healthcare providers

90 minutes: US$127.50

Checking In Mentor

You will receive three hours of support from your mentor via video chat (usually across 3-4 calls). Again, your sessions will be tailored to your needs and goals. Some things that you might want to explore in these sessions include:

  • Support through conflict resolution
  • A regular check-in as you complete your training to support you in developing strong study habits
  • Support if you are working with a client who has specific challenges
  • Ideas on building your business and developing your marketing plan

3 hours: US$200

Taking Care Mentor

You will receive five hours of support from your mentor through video chat (usually across 4-6 calls). These sessions might include:

  • Complex challenges working in a particular workplace setting
  • Longer term check-ins while you study for motivation and accountability
  • Exploring new business ideas

5 hours: US$375