Business & Training Mentoring

Specialized Guidance and Support

Looking for additional support? Have a problem you need to debrief with someone? Struggling with your assignments and need some tips? Want to work through your business plan together or have an experienced trainer review your marketing materials? We can provide one-on-one mentoring to help you through. Think of our mentor as being the person you would sit down and have a coffee and a chat with to help you through a particular problem.

Choose the type of support you would like, let us know the problem, and if you have a preference for a trainer let us know their name. We cannot guarantee the trainer but will do our best to accommodate you.

Mentoring sessions might include:

  • guidance on setting up or building your business
  • planning and motivation through your course
  • suggestions and tips for finding clients
  • resolving a conflict with a peer or caregiver

Getting Started Mentor

You will receive 90 minutes of support from your mentor on video chat to get you started – helpful for students who need support in planning, guidance through their assignments, or debriefing a particularly challenging experience with a client.


Checking In Mentor

You will receive three hours of support from your mentor via video chat (usually across 2-3 calls) – this is helpful for students who are looking for guidance and support through conflict resolution, personal problems that are impacting work or study, or would like a mentor to regularly check in with them to help them develop strong study habits.


Taking Care Mentor

You will receive five hours of support from your mentor through video chat (usually across 4-6 calls) – this helpful for students experiencing significant problems with their studies, in their business, major conflicts resolution, or personal problems that are having a major impact on their business or studies.