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The CBI Team

Adele, Korea


Adele is Italian and was always passionate about different languages and cultures. At 18 she travelled to the UK where she met a Korean boy who stole her heart, and they started a long-distance relationship while she completed her education as a conference interpreter and translator for English and Chinese. After graduation, Adele moved to China on a scholarship, and went on to spend several years working in marketing and administration for international companies.

While her work was demanding and exciting, Adele always felt it wasn’t meaningful, and wanted to start a family. She married her sweetheart and moved to South Korea; a few months later Adele became pregnant and, living in a town away from the cosmopolitan Korean capital, was faced with the harsh reality that health care in her area tended to be high-intervention. Adele found she had to fight for her right to have the birth she envisioned and probably wouldn’t have made it without extensively educating herself, as well as the invaluable support of a doula. She decided to pursue certification as a birth doula and childbirth educator, and chose CBI, as its focus on reflective practice resonated with her.

Ever since, Adele has been providing support to couples in Korea during such crucial and challenging times in their lives as pregnancy and birth, and believes she’s found her true calling. Adele began working as a trainer for CBI in 2015. In addition to her birth professional qualifications, Adele trained as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and has a Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting. Adele also speaks Italian, English, and Mandarin and is a mother of two.

Bekah, USA


Bekah’s passion for birth support work began in 2009 after she had a daughter by cesarean. She began attending International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) meetings faithfully in that same year, finding inspiration and solace as she and the women there shared and supported each other. Over the next two years, a desire to support women in the childbearing journey steadily grew in her heart, and she began looking at training organizations. After her beautifully supported, midwife attended home birth after cesarean (HBAC) in 2011, she knew she wanted to work in birth support, and Childbirth International was perfect for her needs. She loved the multi-cultural perspective and high quality of the learning program. In early 2012 Bekah began attending births, completing certification as a birth and postpartum doula later that year. She’s part of a fantastic doula group, Birth Chattanooga, but gets to spend most of her time with her four children.

Bekah finds it a privilege to be part of the global, growing birth community! She has been a trainer with CBI since 2015 and is active in her community, serving as a leader of her local Doula Share. Bekah also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Bethany, USA


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, USA, Bethany has had a lifetime love for the outdoors. Some of her favorite activities are camping and gardening, which she is often found doing with her 5 kids who are aged teenager to toddler. Bethany came to Childbirth International as a student, hoping to one day become a birth doula. As she began working her way through the 4 courses, a whole new world opened up and she quickly discovered that her greatest love was in working with postpartum and breastfeeding women.

Bethany loves joining women on their journeys into motherhood, helping to educate and support them to make their own choices, and watching them discover who they are as a parent. She has a background in parenting education where her philosophy is that learning happens in a relationship. She brings that relationship-focused learning style to CBI in her role as a trainer. Bethany really enjoys connecting with her students and creating space for them to branch out and explore what being a birth professional means to them. She’s proud to be a trainer with Childbirth International!

Billie, Canada

Director of Education

Billie is the mother of 7 wonderful children and a Nana to some adorable grandchildren. She began supporting birthing families in 1984. After a traumatic first birth, Billie found a group of women who shared their happy birthing and breastfeeding experiences with her. As they became friends, they taught each other about healthy pregnancies, positive births, and newborn care, and helped take care of each other through the childbearing years whilst supporting each other through their homebirths. It was woman-to-woman and family-to-family support that made a difference. In some ways, it was a return to traditional birth and in others, it was the beginning of our modern doulas. It also ignited her deep passion for studying the science of birth and what makes it safe and joyous.

During those years, Billie homeschooled her children, became a La Leche League leader, served as a lay pastoral counselor and supported hundreds of families. Several years ago, she thought it would be a smart business decision to become a certified birth and postpartum doula. When Billie looked at the many programs offered, she wasn’t sure any of them would teach her much that was new but she joined CBI because of the flexibility and training approach. She was so thrilled to be wrong!! CBI provided a comprehensive education with an emphasis on reflection along with an international community that added richness and depth. As an elder doula and childbirth educator in her community, she has seen how an education with CBI lays the foundation for being a more effective birth professional.

Billie continues to serve at homebirths, facilitate a peer-support group for mothers who’ve had a traumatic birth and enjoy her growing family. In addition to her qualifications with Childbirth International, she has a Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics), was a La Leche League Leader for many years, founded the Kitchener Waterloo Doula Collective and is the Founder and Director of Birth Trauma Ontario. In Billie’s current role, she is really the engine behind CBI. She oversees all administration tasks, encourages our students and trainers, handles any problems that arise with aplomb, and holds the rest of us together.

Carmen, USA


Carmen has been in love with birth since she was very little. It started around the time her mother was pregnant with her little sister. “I was two years old and was walking around the house with dolls in my shirt pretending to be pregnant too. I didn’t stop there though; I even went so far as to hide in my room and ‘give birth’ to my babies. Ever since then I wanted to do something for birthing women.” When Carmen discovered doulas and the amazing work they do, she knew that it was what she was meant to do. She has since completed all four CBI certifications and offers Childbirth Education, Doula services, Postpartum services, Breastfeeding services, Mother Blessings, and Placenta Encapsulation to families in her area.

Carmen is the proud mommy of two beautiful boys and one adorable little cat. She has been married to her amazing husband since 2009. They live in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan and spend a lot of our time cheering on their local sports teams. Carmen loves reading, watching horror movies, sewing, crocheting, or doing pretty much any crafting, and spending as much time as possible with her family. She has volunteered for the Detroit Improving Birth rally, coordinated the Big Latch On for Southeast Michigan for three years, is a member of Metro Detroit Doulas, and founder of the Catholic Birth Network. In addition to her CBI qualifications Carmen has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

Fran, Thailand


Fran realized her calling to work with pregnant and birthing women after working with a wonderful independent midwife in Newcastle, UK. Not long afterward she moved to Bangkok, Thailand with her husband and undertook her training with CBI. Training as a doula with CBI opened so many doors for Fran and she has loved becoming part of the community of birth workers in Bangkok, whilst still remaining connected to CBI birth workers worldwide!

Fran currently has her own birth doula practice and coordinates a bumps and babies support group for pregnant women and new mothers. Many of the families she works with are expats and they often find that maternity care in Thailand is very different from their home countries. Although they may initially feel overwhelmed, watching families exploring their options for birth and going on to advocate for themselves and their babies fills Fran with happiness.

When the opportunity to take the trainer program came up she knew she had to grab it with both hands! Fran is excited to be on this new path as a CBI trainer, playing a small, supporting role in the journeys of students as they move into birth work. Within her local community, Fran is the coordinator for the Bangkok Mothers and Babies International’s (BAMBI) Bumps and Babies Group and the New Moon Postpartum Support Group. BAMBI is a non-profit organization which is part of the Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT). In addition to her Childbirth International qualifications, Fran has a Diploma in Health Science and is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner.

Johanna, Canada

Director of Communication and Trainer

Johanna lives with her wife in Southern Ontario. She was not always interested in pregnancy and birth but started on the path to being a birth professional with grand plans to enter midwifery school. Preparing to apply to school really inspired her to look at other paths and options available, which is where she found Childbirth International.

“I’ve learned so much about the birth, obstetrics, and midwifery worlds since going down this path; I never expected to be where I am now!” Johanna believes that Childbirth International is remarkable in its focus on reflective practice and how students are encouraged to explore their biases in order to better support their clients. Johanna could not be more proud to be a trainer for CBI!

In addition to her qualifications with CBI, Johanna also has a Diploma in Animal Care and is a Certified Bereavement Doula. Johanna and her wife have recently become the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

Kelly, USA

Curriculum Development Coordinator

Kelly wasn’t always interested in birth. She began her career as a certified teacher but quickly realized that teaching adults was more her speed. After taking leave from teaching elementary school to have her own children, everything changed!

Kelly became immersed in the world of parenting and bonding through breastfeeding. Her new passion for birth and breastfeeding redirected her teaching career on a very rewarding path: educating new parents about birth, breastfeeding and bonding with infants.

CBI played a pivotal role in Kelly’s changing career path. After completing the Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor courses, she became a Trainer for CBI in 2011. In 2018, Kelly stepped into another role with CBI as the Curriculum Development Coordinator. In addition to her work with CBI, she is a Certified Health Coach, La Leche League Leader and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Kelly also has a Bachelor of History, a Master of Education in literacy and teaching English as a second language, and a Master of Education in Elementary teaching from University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA. She is currently teaching local classes and supporting new families with lactation services. Kelly has co-authored several peer-reviewed papers in the field of lactation and is currently working on several other research projects.

Kelly and her family move frequently, having lived in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arizona, and more! She and her husband have a passion for healthy living and thoroughly enjoy cooking, travel and biking.

Kristie, USA


Kristie’s passion for all things birth took off when she began studying midwifery in her late teens. She married young and hasn’t stopped birthing babies of her own long enough to pick up that interest again! Kristie is the mother of 2 girls, and then 5 boys in a row. Each of her births profoundly affected how she mothers, as has her relationship with other strong moms. This is why she loves interacting with mothers during the delicate and defining seasons of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Though Kristie has supported families for many years, her studies with CBI gave her more confidence and grounding, providing the skills she was looking for to communicate compassionately and effectively.

In addition to her work as a CBI Trainer, Kristie offers doula support, classes, and in-home consultations in her local community. She is the Education Director at the Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center, a local non-profit that offers free classes, counseling, referrals, and material provisions to mothers in need. Her life is very much centered around mothering and she thinks of her work as an extension of that – an opportunity to nurture, encourage, and learn alongside other women. Kristie has been a birth doula since 2008 and a postpartum doula since 2012.

Leigh, Canda

Director of Student Services

Leigh is the mother of two wonderful boys, with Honours Bachelor of Music degree and a passion for hospitality. After working many years in the hospitality industry, she found her new role as a mom reinforced her desire to make informed and clear decisions about nutrition, education, birth, and life… with her family, and for her family.

Leigh has been working at CBI since early 2015 and has proven herself to be indispensable. Leigh handles all of our customer inquiries, orders every student’s manuals, manages all the payments and generally just keeps the whole organization running smoothly.

When asked what she truly loves about Childbirth International, Leigh says it is the dedication to communication and education to all of its students.

Maggie, Australia


One of Maggie’s first vocations in the 1960s was as a birth supporter and, despite life taking many different directions since then, she has remained passionate about women having a voice and advocating for themselves.

Maggie feels fortunate to have worked closely with CBI since its inception and to witness the organization grow into the recognized leader it is today. An opportunity to travel has enabled her to experience a variety of cultures and to see firsthand, that as mothers we share the same aspirations for our births and our families.

Maggie has been an integral part of the growth of CBI – managing all administration tasks in our early days and with us since the beginning! Recently, Maggie and her husband settled in rural Tasmania where she continues to enjoy her work as a CBI trainer, supporting students who feel inspired and passionate about birth. In her free time, Maggie loves to spend time in her organic garden and drumming on her djembe.

Maggie is a talented artist, photographer, and author. In addition to her studio work, she has taught workshops and exhibited internationally. For a number of years, she wrote articles for a Singapore parenting magazine and was a highly successful events organizer. Today, along with her husband, Maggie enjoys public speaking: inspiring audiences to step outside their comfort zone and follow their passion.

Nikki, Singapore

Founder and Board Director

Nikki first became interested (obsessed?) with pregnancy and birth following the miscarriage of her first pregnancy. She found the lack of informed choice, the poor communication, and the lack of support all just made the experience that much more difficult. She knew there had to be a better way.

When she returned to the UK, Nikki had her first baby in a beautiful waterbirth with midwives. This inspired her to then work with a newly established miscarriage support group, advocating for better care for those experiencing loss in pregnancy. Shortly afterward, a friend talked her into training as a childbirth educator. Clients began to ask her to support them during their births and she discovered a whole new world. She was smitten!

Nikki later moved to Singapore with her family and established the first doula practice there. Working with doctors and nurses who’d never heard of a doula, she realized the importance of effective communication and reflective practice. Clients began asking her if they could train to do the job she did, and Childbirth International was born. Originally the courses were taught face-to-face. However, the Internet had just become available and Nikki could see that there were people across the world who wanted to become doulas and childbirth educators, but the training was out of their reach – for financial or geographic reasons. Being in the midst of studying for a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree by distance, Nikki realized that online training could open up opportunities to thousands of people.

Nikki has worked in curriculum development for the past 23 years. She developed the initial CBI curriculum and continues to write courses for CBI. Nikki also developed a high school curriculum framework for the Green School – an innovative and sustainability focused school set in the jungle of Bali that offers alternatives to the traditional approach to school. She has spent the last three years working on a curriculum framework for the training of birth and breastfeeding professionals that will be launched in August 2019. This will be the first curriculum framework that emphasizes the competencies that birth and breastfeeding professionals achieve through their training and experience.

Nikki is passionate about the importance of birth professionals learning how to communicate effectively with clients and using these skills to build relationships with their peers and caregivers. Having real skills to pass on to new families meant that they are able to make informed decisions that are right for them, long after we’ve been involved in their journey. Those working in this field need to have a strong support base to enable them to cope with the emotional nature of our work and develop a network of other birth professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures to give us a breadth of knowledge and perspectives.

Nikki’s vision for CBI has always been to provide a global network of highly qualified and passionate birth professionals who can truly make a difference in the lives of the families they work with. When not supporting our incredibly talented team, Nikki can be found relaxing with friends, enjoying a glass of red wine, or reading research for fun! After a lifetime of avoiding exercise, Nikki has recently started yoga and kickboxing as a way to manage too much good food and wine! With 26 years of experience in supporting people through pregnancy, birth, and parenting, Nikki is stretching her wings and is currently studying a Masters in Human Rights and is enjoying applying this learning through the lens of reproductive rights and seeking out ways to contribute toward improving maternal and infant health globally.

Samantha, Canada


Samantha’s first birth experience was when she attended her aunt’s birth in 1999. She felt so privileged to be invited, eager and excited to help her! She loved all the practical things she could do – rubbing her back, encouraging her and bringing her drinks. She didn’t realize at the time that women attended births professionally, or learn about what a doula was, until she became pregnant herself.

Samantha hired a student doula to attend her first birth and she helped Samantha to have a wonderful experience. Samantha discovered what a positive difference a doula could make firsthand, but didn’t consider becoming a doula herself until after her second baby was born, in 2012, and she had completed her Masters degree in anthropology. Samantha started training to become a birth doula with CBI in 2013 and was so impressed with the knowledge and wisdom within this online community.

During her time as a graduate student, Samantha also worked as a teaching assistant at her university. In 2015, she was thrilled to be selected to become a trainer for CBI! In this new role, she’s able to combine her teaching and doula skills. She feels blessed to have a job where she can do the things she loves best! Samantha has volunteered at a residence for young and homeless pregnant women and trained as a facilitator for Birth Trauma Ontario. In addition to her qualifications with CBI, Samantha has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Arts in Public Issues & Anthropology.

Sandy, Canada

Trainer and Course Author

Unlike some of her colleagues, Sandy had absolutely no interest in pregnancy or birth until she had her own first baby. Then things changed. Lots of things! Sandy had worked in publishing until that time, but found that going through her own first pregnancy and birth opened up a whole new world for her. Sandy couldn’t get over this ‘new’ idea that there were many perspectives out there about pregnancy and birth, and she had the opportunity to decide what she wanted, along with her husband, instead of just expecting to be told how things would go. And so she left publishing behind, and trained as a birth doula and childbirth educator with Childbirth International.

Now, more than a decade later, Sandy is expanding her fascination with birth into graduate studies in health communication and public health. She’s particularly focused on decision-making in health care – and it all began, and continues, with CBI!

Sandy is one of our longest serving trainers (since 2004). In addition to her Childbirth International qualifications, Sandy has a Bachelor of Arts with honors, a Master of Arts, a Masters of Science, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health.

Tania, Singapore & Malaysia


Tania’s passion for birth began 26 years ago in a birth center in northern NSW in Australia, when she supported a dear friend as she birthed her son. Having had twins 12 months earlier, Tania was amazed at how different birth could be for different people but most importantly the options available to women at the time. Physically supporting a woman in labor just seemed like an intrinsic thing to do and sparked something deep within.

It wasn’t until 1999 whilst living in Singapore, Tania met up with Singapore’s first doula and founder of Childbirth International. Over the next year Tania was grateful to be under her mentorship as she pursued her goal of being able to offer doula support and childbirth education. This led Tania to be one of the first graduates of Childbirth International.

The next 20 years, Tania’s doula practice grew, and she was able to support hundreds of clients through childbirth education, pregnancy, labor and beyond. In addition to this, Tania has built and maintained great working relationships with hospitals and obstetricians in Singapore. Tania has also had the pleasure of featuring in a couple of local TV shows on birth in Singapore and has written articles for various parenting magazines. She was also invited to appearing alongside obstetricians on panels and give talks on birth in Singapore at public forums.

Tania was part of a committee of women who formed a registered society Doulas of Singapore and served as President from 2016-2019.

Recently Tania returned to CBI to reconnect with training but still can’t totally give up her Doula work so juggles the two whilst dividing her time between Malaysia and Singapore.

Mother to twins Britt & Jess who are 27 and Reilly who is 15, if Tania is not on her bike training or in the pool swimming and preparing for a triathlon, she can be seen relaxing with a lovely glass of red wine. Of course, it would be an ideal world if she could enjoy both together.

What qualifications do your trainers have?

CBI trainers come from all walks of life. They have a wealth of training and experience in birth and breastfeeding work. All CBI trainers have completed the Childbirth International courses themselves and understand the challenges of studying by distance learning. They’ve also worked as birth professionals, some for more than 30 years, and run successful businesses. They’re leaders and activists in their own communities, striving to improve the health and well-being of mothers and babies across the world. You can read more about each trainer in the team biographies below.

Where will my trainer be based?

Your trainer will be working from home, just like you. She may be living nearby, or she may be living in a different country from you. She’ll understand the challenges of communication across different time zones. She’ll be offering you her unique perspectives based on the work she has done within her own community.

How did they become a trainer?

All CBI trainers have previously completed and graduated from the Childbirth International course for which they provide training! Graduates who show exceptional reflection and communication skills, together with a high level of competency in their work and extensive experience in their community, are invited to apply for a trainer position. We don’t accept requests from students to become trainers – they’re always invited because of the skills they demonstrated while training.

CBI trainers go through a stringent interview process. As a group, we review each candidate to determine their potential fit with the team and their abilities in working with clients, community and future students.

When a potential trainer is offered a position they commit to a six-week-long training program. This introduces them to the assignments they’ll be required to review and assess. They learn how to provide effective feedback to students, how to resolve problems, and how to guide and motivate students through flexible learning. 

Once they become a trainer, they are part of a strong team and have extensive peer group support. After their training, every new trainer is mentored by a more experienced team member for up to six months. This provides them with the opportunity to develop their skills in giving feedback to students and continually reflect on the work they are doing. 

Once a month the whole training team participates in continuing education. Covering diverse topics on pregnancy, birth and parenting, as well as exploring adult education and distance learning techniques. CBI trainers always striving to improve skills and knowledge through continuing education.

How much support will I get?

The way CBI trainers support and guide you is one of the things that truly sets us apart. Usually, a trainer runs a workshop for a couple of days, and then you are on your own to complete all the certification requirements with minimal support. This is NOT the case with CBI!

Your trainer is with you on your journey from beginning to end. They will contact you within the first few days of you starting and introduce themselves. They will see every assignment that you submit, and will give you guidance on each one. They will continue to support you for as long as it takes for you to complete your course and will still be there for any questions you have or for guidance after you graduate.

We believe the assignments you submit are crucial to your growth and development. They’re not simply a checklist that will be marked of by a nameless person in our admin team. Your trainer will give you suggestions and feedback on how you are progressing. They are invested in your learning and truly cares about your success. From time to time, your trainer might be unavailable to review an assignment. In this case, another trainer will provide you with feedback so you are not waiting.

My CBI training changed my life and my whole way of thinking. The skills I learned impact all facets of my life. This is the best job I have ever had!