Media Inquiry

Journalists, editors, event organizers – contact us to find out more about the latest evidence on support during pregnancy, birth, and lactation. We welcome your media inquiry. With more than 20 years experience and students and graduates in 128 countries across the world, we are happy to provide our unique Childbirth International perspective on maternity care globally, advanced and changes to obstetric care, and maternal and infant health.

As the global leaders in training related to birth and lactation professionals, Childbirth International has expertise in many areas related to pregnancy, birth, parenting, and lactation, including:

  • the role of a doula in reducing mortality and morbidity rates
  • disparities in outcomes for marginalized groups
  • legal and state regulations that impact birth and lactation professionals
  • the importance of competency based learning for birth work
  • standards for doulas and doula training programs
  • obstetric violence

If you have an inquiry as a potential student with Childbirth International, you can send us an email or you can contact us through our Facebook page.