About Us

What matters to us?

What ultimately drives all of us at Childbirth International (CBI) is simple. Birth matters. Our experiences (and our children’s) of birth matter, not only in that moment, but for a lifetime. These experiences impact our capacity to love, and our capacity to function as whole human beings in this world.

Too often parents begin their journey with fear and uncertainty. They need knowledge and skills to determine their own direction and have the experiences that they innately know are right for them. Knowing and understanding their options changes everything. We want all doulas, educators and breastfeeding counselors to really know how to help families negotiate their own path and give women the foundation they need to achieve their goals. To truly make the choices that are right for them.

The essence of CBI is “training without boundaries”

We are fully invested in your learning journey being successful. One of the things we pride ourselves on is the relationships we build between ourselves, as trainers, and you, our students, which often lasts far beyond the end of your course.

Becoming certified represents the hard work you achieve to complete your training. We have always believed that once you are certified, you are certified for life. You will never have to pay any further fees to maintain your certification with CBI.

We know you are all different. We want you to be able to complete your training whenever you want, and wherever you live. Whether you want to learn in your home office, living room, or while sipping a latte in the local café. And you won’t be left to do it alone. Your trainer will give you feedback and guidance on every piece of work you submit so you know how you’re doing and feel supported. Whether you want to finish within a couple of months, or take years, you will continue to be supported.

We understand that when you decide to begin training, you’re excited and just can’t wait to get started. So we have made the whole process easy and fast. Choose a course. Choose your payment method. Then begin! You can be looking at your first training module in less than 5 minutes.

One of our founding values was the importance of creating a diverse community of birth professionals. We have students and graduates in 112 countries, across 6 continents. You will have access to this amazing community through our discussion groups and be a part of something bigger – a community that spans the globe. Because of this, our student community has a richness and cultural respect that we are immensely proud of.

Who are we?

Our team of trainers are the people you will get to know during your training. We are all mothers. Some of us are grandmothers. We all have established businesses as doulas, educators and breastfeeding counselors. We live in four different continents and have extensive experience with different cultures, different families, different outcomes. We all know, firsthand, what it is like to work in hospitals, birthing centers and at homebirths. We understand the challenges of balancing study with work and family. All of us have been through the courses as students ourselves. We are committed to seeing maternity care that puts mothers and babies first.

When you begin, your trainer will be in touch with you in the first few days to introduce herself. She wants to make sure you don’t feel isolated and will encourage you to make connections within the CBI community as well as your local network. Each time you submit a piece of work she will contact you with feedback and suggestions. Your assignments and evaluations will be reviewed and assessed by your trainer throughout your course. Rather than an anonymous person checking your assignment submissions off a checklist, you will receive personalized feedback with each assignment from your trainer – the person who has gotten to know you and established a relationship with you.

You can read a personal introduction to our trainers here

In summary, we will be there beside you every step of the way – our goal is for you to be successful. And together, we all stand with the mothers, their babies, and families, across the world. Birth matters.