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CBI Retreat

We are thrilled to announce our CBI Retreat – 6 days packed full of workshops hosted by our amazing trainers from around the world! The retreat will be held from April 9-April 14 2017 in beautiful Bali – so you can pamper yourself while learning and be surrounded by inspirational doulas, educators and counselors!

This is a retreat like no other. Each day there will be a range of workshops to choose from. At least three requirements for CBI certification will be covered in available workshops.

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CBI offers face to face workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. These are designed to supplement your training if you are a CBI student, or provide continuing education if you are not (unless otherwise stated, they are open to CBI and non-CBI students). Aligned with our philosophy, these hands-on workshops will provide you with opportunities to develop and practice skills as a birth or postpartum doula, childbirth educator or breastfeeding counselor. Below you will find our current workshop schedule. If you would like a workshop on a particular topic, write to us and let us know. We will see if we can arrange a trainer in your area.

Schedule of Workshops


Are you in or around Ontario, Canada?

CBI is running a professional development training day that will help you to grow your business, develop new & advanced skills, and help you build your network.

Our Director of Education, Billie Harrigan, is hosting a Professional Development day for Ontario students and graduates of Childbirth International, birth professionals trained with other organizations and those just starting out. September 10th will see birth professionals from across the province coming together as colleagues and friends.

Spend a full day focusing on you: YOUR career, YOUR goals, YOUR life! A chance to find answers to your questions, develop new skills, work through exciting industry issues, all while having the opportunity to meet fellow CBI members. Take the time to focus on yourself and what you need for your career to really bloom. Do something for your clients, for your community, for your family … by helping yourself!

You work hard for your clients and you deserve a reward day that invests in you!

DATE:  Saturday, September 10th, 2016
LOCATION:  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
TIME:  10am – 4pm
LUNCH:  Fully Catered
COST: $125 CAD (US$95)

Menu options and address to be confirmed after registration

September 2016 (date not yet fixed): Pelvic Anatomy and Rotational Positioning (Perth, WA, Australia)

Claire Lochrie will host this hands-on workshop. Understanding the basics of the pelvis is so important when supporting a woman in her labour and birth. Babies need to twist and turn to negotiate their way through the pelvis, and helping the mother work with her baby and her body can make a huge difference in her ability to cope and birth her baby herself. Rotational Positioning is a tool developed by Nikki Macfarlane, Founder and Director of Childbirth International. It gives a new look at the way babies move through the pelvis, and how we can practically support mothers during that period to work with their body and baby, not against them.

COST: AUD$85 (US$62)
LOCATION: Sacred Space Community Centre, 90 Birdwood St, Innaloo
TIME: 11am-2pm (bring a packed lunch)
CEU’S: Certificate issued for evidence of continuing education
REFUND POLICY: Cancellations received before September 8th, 2016 will be issued a 50% refund. Cancellations after this date are non-refundable.

ABOUT CLAIRE: Claire has 3 children and has been working in the community as a nurse for many years. She joined CBI in 2011 for the birth and postpartum studies. Claire loves her work as a doula. She loves seeing a family grow through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum and greeting that new little soul who has come into the world. Claire enjoys helping families stand on that threshold between the worlds with dignity, courage and love, and then seeing who they become afterwards. It’s the only time that she’s delighted to be woken at 3 a.m. and go to work!

Claire was drawn to Childbirth International, after realising that doula work was really where her heart lay, because of the flexibility and respect she felt from the first web page. She considers herself a practical person, so liked the common sense that was built in to the way the course was delivered and helping doulas after certification.

Becoming a trainer with CBI means she gets to help people achieve their dreams of supporting families – whatever those families look like – and considers this a joy and a blessing. In addition to her CBI qualifications as a birth and postpartum doula, and a trainer, Claire has 12 years of community nursing experience and a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Claire is also a core member of Birthrites, a cesarean support community group.

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