Frequently Asked Questions

About the courses

Can I start any time?

Childbirth International is the only training organization for birth professionals where you have immediate access to all your training materials as soon as you register. Within a few minutes you can be logged on to the student website and starting your journey! Once you’ve chosen a course, and your payment has been processed, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. This will contain confirmation of your order, together with links for logging on to the student website. You’ll then be taken directly to the student website where you can log in and access the student materials.

If you choose to pay by one payment with printed course manuals, your student materials will be posted to you. Within the USA, they usually arrive within 5-7 days. Students living outside the USA usually receive their student materials within 2-3 weeks. If choose the Green option, you will immediate access to your course materials through the student website. Please note, online course manuals cannot be printed out. If you pay by installments, your written student manuals will be sent to you once the final installment is made. In the meantime you’ll have access to all the student materials online through the student website. You can choose to pay off the balance on your account at any time to receive your written manuals straight away.

Can I study multiple courses at the same time?

Yes. You can choose any combination of our courses and receive significant discounts of up to 25%. If you start with just one course you can add courses later and receive the student/graduate discount of 15%.

What support will you provide?

Supporting students is the most important thing we do! Once you’ve registered as a student you won’t be forgotten. Your trainer will be assigned to you once you start and she’ll contact you within a few days to introduce herself. Every time you submit a piece of work it will be your trainer who reviews it, provides feedback and guidance and assesses it. She’ll continue to review and assess every assignment you submit, no matter how long it takes you to complete your course.

We also provide a number of discussion groups for you to participate in and connect with students, graduates and trainers from all over the world. These groups will encourage exploration of new ideas, respectful debate and support new birth professionals with suggestions.

Once you’ve completed your training, Childbirth International will still be there to support you. If you experience a tough birth, need help and guidance on some aspect of your business, or experience personal difficulties, you can contact your trainer or the Customer Support team anytime.

If you’d like more support, trainers are available for private mentoring. You choose how many hours of mentoring you’d like and a trainer will contact you via Skype. Mentoring can be helpful if you’re looking for more support in completing your course work, ideas for motivation or better organization, or guidance in issues related to your clients or business.

How long does it take to finish?

It depends on how much time you have available. If at any time you need to take a break, you can. There are no time limits imposed for you to complete your course by.

As an estimate, if you study for 10 hours each week, the birth doula and postpartum doula courses will take you 4-7 months to complete. This would include the time it takes for you to complete the study workbooks, and assumes that you complete the course requirements for supporting women in that time. This is similar to other programs once you take into account attending their workshops, supporting at your certifying births and completing their certification requirements.

As an estimate, if you study for 10 hours each week, the childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor courses will take you 10-15 months to complete. This would include the time it takes for you to complete the study workbooks, and assumes that you meet the support and class requirements for these courses in that time.

Are you accredited?

There are no international bodies that recognize a standard of training for birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators or breastfeeding counselors at this point in time. The only accreditation or recognition bodies that exist have all been established by training organizations and therefore cannot be seen as truly overseeing birth professionals in an independent way. However, we believe that our training program is of the highest standard and the most comprehensive available. With all our materials focusing on evidence-based care, you can be assured that the information you’re receiving in your training is accurate and up to date. We ensure that students learn not only the knowledge they’ll need in their chosen profession but also develop their communication skills and the information they need to establish a successful business. Our materials are regularly reviewed and updated as research provides new information.

We are beginning to see national government bodies show an interest in accreditation of doulas. To date, the standards they require can easily be met through our training programs. We’ll continue to monitor this and ensure that we exceed their standards.

Can I charge fees while I am training?

We don’t have a policy that places restrictions on how much you can charge or whether or not you have to charge. This is an individual choice. We encourage you to look at your costs and determine a fee that would be appropriate for you and your clients.

If you choose to offer “free” services, you’ll still have the costs associated with running your business (childcare, telephone etc.) and some clients might not value your service as much as they would if they were paying for it. Having said that, this is your business, and you can run it however your choose, whether that is a full fee, a reduced fee while training, barter or sliding scales. No boundaries!

Can I speak to someone?

You can contact us by phone or by completing the “Get in Touch” form below. We’ll get back to you, in most cases, within 1-2 business days. Our team are active birth professionals who may be out working with a client when you call. If we’re unavailable, leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back as soon as we are available.