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CBI Retreat in Bali

CBI Retreat

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Bali Retreat, 9th-14th April, 2017

Beyond Boundaries – a reflective journey to broaden your birth work


The CBI Bali Retreat will be like no other birth workers workshop you’ve been to. Open to all CBI students, graduates and non-CBI birth workers, this retreat will open your mind to the possibilities of what you can achieve.  Over the course of 6 days we will explore topics relevant to your work as a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator or breastfeeding counselor. The retreat will be a reflective journey and enable you to broaden and deepen the amazing work that you do.

The immersive workshops will be run by trainers from all over the world with topics as diverse hands-on comfort skills, postpartum binding, Reiki, acupressure and massage, birth trauma, birth art, and so much more. There will also be opportunities to complete at least three requirements for certification with CBI.

You’ll be staying at the beautiful Villa Beji Indah in Ubud, the spiritual and artistic center of Bali. There will be opportunities to explore the area and participate in Balinese ceremonies and arts. You can also choose to arrange your own accomodation in one of the many guesthouses within walking distance of Villa Beji Indah.

Any attendees who’d like to purchase a full CBI training and certification program after the retreat will be offered a discount of 15%.

Download the full retreat program


Day 1: April 9th

After being transferred to Villa Beji Indah, you’ll have the afternoon free to sip a cocktail by the pool, enjoy a Balinese massage or just relax.

5pm: On your first evening in paradise we’ll spend some time getting to know each other over pre-dinner drinks and hors d’ouevres.

7pm: Return to your villa for dinner, or head into town (just 5 minutes walk) to try one of the amazing restaurants.

Day 2: 10th April

Following a complimentary yoga session (suitable for beginners) and a continental breakfast, our workshops will begin at the retreat center.


Workshop Session 1 Options (9.00am)

Changing Our Language

How does the language that we use impact women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period? Becoming conscious of our language and how it affects our clients plays an important role in the way that we support women and their families. During this session you will explore your own use of language, how our culture impacts the language we use, and how to reframe the language that women use to help them in decision making.

Diversity In All Its Beauty

Single mothers, LGBTQ couples, different faiths, language differences, different racial groups, extended families… What challenges are there with supporting diverse families? How are they similar? How does culture affect the topics we explore with clients, how we apply CBI models to the work we do with clients, or how we work with caregivers with a different culture from our own? In this session we will explore the impact of culture on our client relationships, the choices our clients make, and how we can develop cultural competency skills.

Fitting Everything In: Finding Balance 

Balancing your work life with your home life can be challenging. In this session we will explore time management techniques that can help you and keep you sane! We will also explore how you manage the disappointments and challenges you face and how to build a support network of mentors and other birth professionals.

Workshop Session 2 Options (10.30am)

More Than Just the Blues: Understanding Perinatal and Postpartum Mental Health

Supporting a client with mental health issues can be extremely challenging. In this session we will look at the different mental health issues and how they can impact a family. You will learn strategies for helping clients navigate their own path to wellness and also how to establish your own boundaries during these stressful experiences.

Preparing Client Handouts That Rock!

Client handouts can be lifesavers in communicating information to your clients that is complex or you just don’t have time to cover in classes or meetings. Learn how to create killer handouts that reinforce your brand, contain the key information for clients and provide non-biased, evidence-based information.

This session will count as a credit for the survey requirement for any CBI course.

Working At Homebirths

How is working at a home birth any different from a hospital or birth center birth? In what ways might your role change? Does your conflict with the homebirth midwife? During this session we will look at the issues of your responsibilities, legal liability and the actual role you play at a homebirth.


During lunch we will host a Q & A panel that explores the different ways you can work – co-ops, agencies, sole-owner etc – and the pros and cons of each.


Workshop Session 3 Options (1.00pm)

Research Made Simple!

How comfortable are you with reading research? In this session our trainers will walk you through the anatomy of a research paper, turning the jargon into understandable language. You will examine a number of different research papers and by the end be analyzing them like a pro! Discover the impact of researcher bias, the disadvantages of using abstracts to influence practice, and how to identify good research from bad.

This session will count as a credit for three book reviews in any of the CBI courses.

Getting to Grips With Reflective Practice

In this highly interactive session you will work through the CBI reflective practice model to develop strong skills in reflective practice. There will be a number of trainers on hand to help work with you, one-on-one, to develop these skills. This session is relevant for all birth professionals, and will be particularly helpful to anyone who is yet to start, or struggling with, their communication assignment. If you have already completed your communication assignment or are not a CBI student, it will provide an excellent foundation in using reflective practice techniques to help you in your work and your everyday life.

This session on reflective practice will provide support for any students who have not yet completed their communication assignment, and is also beneficial to anyone who would like to develop their reflective practice skills.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Navigating Reluctant Partners, Dissatisfied Clients and Challenging Providers

How do you encourage an unenthusiastic or negative partner? How do you handle a client who is unhappy with the service you provided? How do you work with caregivers who are not supportive of you or your clients? This session will provide concrete tools you can use to work through difficult situations.

Workshop Session 4 Options (2.30 pm)

Acupressure and Moxibustion

During this fun, interactive session you will learn how to use acupressure to help with a number of issues related to pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. You will also learn how to use moxibustion and how it can be helpful in breech pregnancies. Taught by an experienced acupuncturist, this session will help you to understand the role that Chinese medicine can play in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

What Do I Do Now? Comfort Measures Part I

Do you need to be present for the whole birth, even if it is 30 hours long? How does your role change after a woman has had an epidural? Who defines what your role is in different circumstances? How do you set realistic client expectations of your role? How do you deal with your own disappointment, and that of your client, when things do not go to plan?

Closing Reflections (10 minutes)

Evening Visit (5.00-6.00pm)

A special visit has been arranged with Ibu Robin Lim to see Bumi Sehat – the incredible birth center that supports Indonesian women in gentle, peaceful birth. The visit is free but we ask that attendees give a donation to support the amazing work of Bumi Sehat.

Day 3: 11th April


Workshop Session 5 & 6 Options (9.00am)

Undisturbed Birth – extended session (180 minutes)

How do we define “normal labor” and why does it matter? How can, as birth professionals, influence the environment in the birthing room to promote and support undisturbed birth? In this session you will look at evidence-based care and how the common interventions affect the ability of women to have a normal birth.

Making a Living From Birth Work

We all have a passion for birth and parenting that drives us but can we actually make a living from this work? During this session you will explore how to define your goals and expectations for your work, and identify the steps you need to take to make these a reality. Identify different ways you can add value to the services you offer and expand the range of services available to your clients. You will also discover the many ways that you can make, not just a viable business, but a thriving one!

The Counselling Process

This session is designed for breastfeeding counselors or anyone who works with women through trauma or challenging decision making. You will explore a number of case studies and have lots of practice in using the counselling process.

This session will count as a credit for the six case studies in the Breastfeeding Counselor course.

Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Every culture has its own unique ways of celebrating the journey from pregnancy through to motherhood. Learn more about some of these celebrations and how you can include this in your service offerings to potential clients.

Henna Art

Have fun learning out to do stunning henna designs – a great service you can add for your clients! This session will be facilitated by an experienced henna artist. All materials are provided.

Lunch (12.00pm)

During lunch we will discuss a variety of ethical dilemmas that we all face, how we tackle these and the ways that we can support our clients when their choices are different than ours would be.

Workshop Session 7 Options (1.00pm)

Teaching and Supporting Breastfeeding

What are most important things to teach a woman about breastfeeding? What are the latest beliefs surrounding breastfeeding support? How can you most effectively support a woman who is experiencing breastfeeding problems? This session will explore the common breastfeeding problems that women experience and the various ways that you can help them through those.

Supporting Clients Through Difficult Decision Making

Using reflective practice techniques and decision making skills we will explore the challenges of helping parents who are having to make difficult decisions. We will use a series of case studies to explore and practice with.

Workshop Session 8 Options (2.30pm)

Birth and Imagery – Drawing on Your Creative Self

How can art be used to explore our feelings towards birth or parenting, or our feelings about ourselves as birth professionals? Using a variety of media, this hands-on workshop will give you the opportunity to delve into your subconscious. This is a very interactive and fun session. Artistic skills are not required!!!

Rotational Positioning and Other Challenging Births

In this hands-on workshop we will learn how to teach a client encourage rotation from a right-anterior to a left-anterior (via posterior) and why this might be helpful. We will also explore other methods for positioning challenges during labor and birth.

Closing Reflections (10 minutes)
Evening (6.00pm – 9.00pm)

Special excursion to Tirta Empul – a sacred water temple in the mountains of Bali. You will be invited to participate in a traditional water blessing ceremony (temple clothing provided). If you are in Bali with family they are welcome to attend for a small additional fee to cover the cost of transport, temple entrance costs and gratuities. We will stop on our return from the temple for dinner (additional cost) at a simple Indonesian restaurant (approx. $8 a head).

Day 4: 12th April


Workshop Session 9 Options (9.00am)

Acupressure and Moxibustion

During this fun, interactive session you will learn how to use acupressure to help with a number of issues related to pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. You will also learn how to use moxibustion and how it can be helpful in breech pregnancies. Taught by an experienced acupuncturist, this session will help you to understand the role that Chinese medicine can play in pregnancy, birth and beyond. This is a repeat of the session run on Monday.

Negotiating the Path of Loss and Grief

The experience none of us ever want to have is that of supporting a client through loss and grief. Loss comes in many forms. There is the tragic loss of a baby or child. But there is also the loss of hopes and dreams, the loss of a partner or parent, the loss many women experience after a termination of pregnancy, or even the loss of the hope of a child through infertility. In this session we will look at the different models of grief and loss, and examine ways that you can support clients through this difficult time. We will also examine how you care for yourself when supporting these families, and how you deal with your own losses while still being present for your clients.

Workshop Session 10 Options (10.30am)

What is Empowerment?

What do we mean by empowerment of women? Can we empower someone else? How do we model empowerment? In this fascinating session you will be challenged to explore the meaning of empowerment and the role we play in helping women to find their voice and their strength.

Building a Support System

How do women who are newly pregnant or new mothers build a support system? How important is it that the people in their support system have the same philosophy as them, or are embracing of different approaches to birth and parenting? Discover the ways that you can help women to build their own support network, or how the can find one that matches their goals.

Using a Rebozo

Discover how the rebozo (a traditional Mexican wrap) can be used during pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

Lunch (12.00pm)

During lunch one of our Indonesian attendees will demonstrate the traditional Indonesian practice of postpartum binding for us.

Closing Reflections (10 minutes)
Free Afternoon

You will have the afternoon free to explore Ubud or participate in one of our special excursions (additional $60). Excursions :

  • Volcano Bike Ride – ride with our amazing guides on this incredible journey, through tiny villages and past beautiful rice fields – the entire trip is downhill! Bikes and helmets included.
  • Spa Treatment – three hours of pure luxury! Starting with a full body massage, then a head massage and finishing with a hair treatment with natural Balinese products. Bliss!
  • Balinese Cookery Class – an afternoon learning from Balinese chefs how to make the most popular dishes. Vegetarian options included.

Day 5: 13th April


Workshop Session 11 Options (9.00am)

Birth Trauma and Giving Birth After Trauma

How does trauma during birth affect women and their relationships with their partners and children? What does it look like to give birth after a previously traumatic experience? How should we behave differently if we know a woman has previously experienced trauma, or should we? This session will explore the different ways that trauma can affect pregnant women and new mothers. Our trainers have extensive experience in working with women who have experienced trauma and will share their experiences with you.

Education That Makes a Difference

In this hands-on session we will be looking at how you can teach about intervention in a fun and interactive way, that really gets across the message of the cascade of intervention to your clients. You will also be learning lots of active teaching skills and using education to make parenting real.

This session provides support for childbirth educator students who are yet to complete their teaching plan and is also beneficial to anyone who has a desire to provide some element of education in their practice.

Workshop Session 12 Options (10.30am)

Asking the Right Questions

Why do so many women end up with interventions they did not want, despite feeling they have asked the right questions of their caregiver and chosen someone they felt would support them in their goals? In this session we will look at the questions that women can ask that help them to determine the caregiver who is truly right for them and how to identify any potential problems well before they arise. While the B’LIEFs model was designed for use with pregnant women, it is equally applicable to those working with women in the postpartum period.

How Our Birth Experiences Affect Our Parenting

What relationship exists between the birth experiences we have and the style of parenting we adopt? Using evidence, we will explore the impact that our birthing experiences have on us as parents. We will look at the myriad of parenting styles and how birth influences those, and how we, as birth professionals, can help parents to become the parents they want to be.

Traditional Postpartum Practices

In this fascinating workshop you will learn about the traditional postpartum practices in a number of different cultures. What is the concept of cooling and heating foods in China and how do they relate to the postpartum period? How do Indigenous Australian families support a new mother? What happens to the placenta after the birth in Bali, Indonesia? Discover the postpartum practices of our sisters across the world.

Lunch (12.00pm)

Lunch will include a Q & A panel discussion that explores our greatest fears as parents and birth professionals.

Workshop Session 13 & 14 Options (1.00pm)

This session has the option of one double workshop (Reiki) or two 90 minute sessions.

Reiki for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (extended session – 180 minutes)

Deep relaxation, stress relief and easier labors are all reasons that pregnant and laboring women love Reiki. The gentle relaxation of Reiki helps prepare women for the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, labor and motherhood. In this hands-on workshop you will learn what Reiki is and how to use it in your own life and with your clients and their babies. This session will be taught by an experienced Reiki Master and CBI trainer and includes a Level 1 attunement and a Reiki share which will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Writing a Teaching Plan

How do you even get started with writing a teaching plan? Why is it even important? This workshop will break down the different components of the teaching plan and explore why all of them are important and how the different pieces interact. By the end of the session you will have a solid foundation in aims, learning outcomes and activities.

This session provides support for childbirth educator students who are yet to complete their teaching plan or have a plan and would like to develop it, and is also beneficial to anyone who has a desire to provide some element of education in their practice.

Birth Plans That Work!

Many of your clients may prepare a birth plan to communicate their preferences to their caregivers. However, a large proportion of them find that during their actual labor their birth plan “went out the window”. Why is this? How can your clients prepare birth plans that will actually be effective? How can you overcome the bias that many caregivers have to birth plans and help your clients to have realistic expectations AND get what they want?

Hearing your Clients: So Much More Than Listening

We all like to think of ourselves as great listeners. But do you really HEAR what your clients are saying? How do you break through the words and hear the intent, the true meaning? In this session you will learn skills that help you to establish a rapport and trust with your client that enables them to explore their own fears, their own concerns, and share these with you.

Evening (5.00pm – 9.30pm)

You are invited to join us for our celebratory dinner – a delicious Balinese feast (vegetarian options available), cocktails and a Balinese dance and music performance. If you are in Bali with family they are welcome to join us for a small fee to cover the cost of the transport, the performance and meal.

Day 6: 14th April


Workshop Session 15 Options (9.00am)

Marketing and Website Analysis

Bring along your marketing materials and your website for analysis and feedback. If you have not started marketing or your website yet, we can look at the first steps you can take in identifying how to build your brand and market your business. This hands-on session will be run by trainers who have extensive experience in brand building and website design.

Fertility Awareness

How much do you know about the changes a woman’s body experiences throughout the month? How many times she can ovulate and how to recognize what stage of her cycle she is in? In this fun session you will explore the changes a woman’s body experiences and how to optimize her chances of conception, or avoid conception most effectively!

What Do I Do Now? Comfort Measures Part II

In this second workshop on comfort measures for labor, we will explore different hands-on techniques that can help a client during labor. We will look at skills you can use while working with a client at home, how to help a client cope with her contractions through techniques such as a double-hip squeeze, helping a client to rest and stay hydrated, and supporting in difficult situations such a client being immobile, vomiting and nausea, and shaking. This interactive and fun workshop will provide you with dozens of tips that you can use in your work.

Workshop Session 16 Options (10.30am)

Massage in Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

This hands-on workshop will teach you skills in massage that are safe and appropriate for pregnant women, women during labor and women and babies in the postpartum period. We will all celebrate the end of the retreat in this workshop together.

Lunch (12.00pm)

During our final lunch we will host a Q & A panel that explores the different way you can support partners and family members, and the challenges that come with that.

Final Reflection  (1.00pm – 2.30pm)

At the end of this amazing journey we will reflect on all we have learnt from each other, celebrate new friendships and come together to explore where our journey might take us next. We will finish with a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony.

We will finish at 2.30pm sharp to enable anyone travelling this evening to get to the airport with plenty of time.

  • Daily lunch (vegetarian available)
  • Welcome drinks evening
  • 16 intensive workshops with 37 topics to choose from!
  • Water temple blessing
  • Special visit to Bumi Sehat – Ibu Robin Lim’s birth center
  • Balinese dance performance
  • Closing dinner

If you register with accommodation chosen, the price will include:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • 1 complimentary yoga class
  • 1 complimentary massage
  • Free wifi

Airport transfers can be booked at a reduced rate when you register.


The following are not included in the cost of your retreat:

  • flights to Bali
  • evening meals (except for the closing dinner)
  • travel insurance (this is required to attend the workshop)
  • airport transfers
  • Indonesian visa (free for some countries)
  • gratuities

Early Bird Offer before December 25, 2016


  • Twin Sharing Suite $2,000
  • King/Queen Private Suite $2,090 – 2 rooms left!
  • Deluxe Private Suite $2,290


If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation, we have a special price of $1,550.

All prices in US Dollars

Before December 31st 2016: You will receive a refund, less $500.

January 1st-March 31st: You will not receive a refund but you can transfer your workshop place to someone else.

After March 31st: Your registration and place cannot be transferred or refunded.

Please Note: If you cancel you are responsible for any additional costs incurred for flights, visas, passports, or any other costs you incurred that were not paid to Childbirth International.


All retreat participants who choose accommodation as part of the package will be staying in a luxurious villa. Facilities at the villa include:

  • 25m swimming pool
  • kitchen
  • beautiful bathrooms (several are traditional Balinese outdoor bathrooms)
  • complimentary organic, locally made toiletries
  • daily maid service
  • beautiful tropical gardens
  • on-site spa (additional cost)
  • free wifi

The villa is located in Nyuh Kuning, a village just a few minutes south of central Ubud and the Monkey Forest. The workshops will be run at Villa Beji Indah where you are staying.

We have a range of accommodation options available. Each room is beautifully decorated. All (except one) of the rooms have air conditioning. A 25m pool lies in the middle of the property. There is also a plunge pool and one of the villas has its own private pool. You can choose to share a king bed with a friend or another retreat attendee, or can choose to have more privacy and have single occupancy. If you are attending the retreat with a friend let us know and we can pair you up in the same room if you would like. Everyone staying in your villa will be attending the retreat.

Because you will be staying with other retreat participants, it would not be appropriate to have children (non-mobile babies are fine) or partners staying with you. If you would like to bring your family (Bali is an awesome place for families!) please choose the no accommodation option. We suggest you look at Nyuh Kuning for accommodation options – there are some great value places – everything from guesthouses to 5 star hotels. If you stay in Nyuh Kuning you will be within easy walking distance of Villa Beji Indah, where we are running the workshops each day. There are also some great places to eat in Nyuh Kuning and, if you walk through the Monkey Forest, you are just a few minutes away from the bustling center of Ubud. If you choose to bring a baby (non-mobile only) and staying at Villa Beji Indah, please choose single occupancy to minimize any disturbance to other participants at night.

Please note: we have just two standard suites left!

Rooms Available at Villa Beji Indah

Standard Suites

Superior Suites

Deluxe Suites

Grand Deluxe Suite

Open Air Suite

Gardens & Facilities