Beyond Boundaries – Bali Retreat for Birthworkers

May 10th-16th 2018 Postponed to Sep 2018

UPDATE Oct 10, 2017: As a result of the impending eruption of Mt Agung in Bali, we are postponing the retreat. At this time we want to focus on supporting the 140,000+ people who have been evacuated from their homes and villages. Their future is uncertain and their needs for support are great. Childbirth International are supporting the relief efforts to get essential supplies for sanitation and clean water to the evacuation centers. While the tourist areas of Bali are safe to visit, we do feel this is not the right time to be promoting the retreat. When we have a clearer picture of the situation in Bali we will reschedule the retreat and support Bali in bringing much needed tourism back to the island.

We are excited to announce our Beyond Boundaries Retreat in Bali for 2018! A fully immersive experience for all birthworkers. Six days of hands-on workshops, inspiring guest speakers, and an opportunity to nurture yourself and reflect deeply on the amazing work you do.

The birthworkers retreat runs from the evening of May 10th, 2018, through to the afternoon of May 16th, 2018. Each day will feature a range of workshops to choose from, expert guest speakers, and hands-on workshops.

Dr. Sarah Buckley will be our keynote speaker, offering three fascinating workshops, and Ibu Robin Lim, founder of Bumi Sehat, will give us some insight on the challenges of birthwork in a developing country. We will also have a host of expert guest speakers covering everything from global infant and maternal health to Balinese massage. Take a look at the full program below for more details.

Your retreat price includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation & breakfast (unless you choose the workshop only price)
  • delicious organic lunches
  • access to 35 workshops and presentations
  • private tour of Bumi Sehat birth center with founder, Ibu Robin Lim
  • morning refreshments
  • complimentary yoga session
  • welcome drinks and canapes
  • salon session on Friday evening with light refreshments
  • group banquet on Tuesday evening with Balinese dancers

Not included:

  • flights to and from Bali
  • visas (most nationalities enjoy visa free status)
  • airport transfers (available at additional cost)
  • evening meals
  • breakfast if you are not booking accommodation
  • tips and gratuities
  • travel insurance

Early Bird Pricing

Register and pay before 31 December 2017 to receive $250 off with Early Bird pricing! Payment plans are available to pay over 5 months. 

Workshops Only

US$1,650 $1,400
or US$330 $280/month

Workshops & Accommodation

From US$2,040 $1,790
or US$395 $345/month


I have changed. Me. I'm so much more comfortable and confident in my place as a birth worker. I was so impressed by everything. This leadership is quite remarkable and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you all. Awesome. Loved it. My life has changed, for the better, because of the retreat.


I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this retreat. The trainers were all so lovely and had so much knowledge to share - just wish there was more time to get to know everyone. Thank you for organising this amazing retreat.


It was beyond awesome and I am so honored to have been able to be a part of it!


I feel that my birth work is about to be born 😚 I am excited about the passion that has awakened within me . You all gave me such a vision and realisation of what it is we can offer and the massive difference we can make, often just by being there. To hold space for someone is immense! LOVE love love !!!!! Thank you all for welcoming me into your tribe. It is a true honour!

LisaNew Zealand

Thank you for everything! CBI is my home now! Be Blessed!


I have brought home many important tools. Surely what has given most value to this retreat were the people. All the trainers have given the best that a student can receive from their teacher. All of you have demonstrated how to apply in practical life what you teach in manuals: compassion, lack of judgment, humility, and reflective practice. You have been role models. Something we, as students, can never have through books.


I'm really grateful that while we were learning any new physical skills we were challenged to consider how we would incorporate those new skills into our practice and the way we could use those appropriately and respectfully with women. Thanks to all the trainers who facilitated these sessions and the way you introduced the idea of appropriate use. I see this approach so rarely amongst the birth community and it's such an important aspect... deep thanks and gratitude.



Friday 11th May

Session 1 Workshops (9.00-11.00)

Getting to Grips With Reflective Practice

What is reflective practice and why is it important? How does it impact your work or the clients you work with? How can you be a more reflective practitioner? In this highly interactive session you will work through the CBI reflective practice model to develop strong skills in reflective practice. There will be a number of trainers on hand to help work with you, one-on-one, to develop these skills.

This session is relevant for all birthworkers, and will be particularly helpful to anyone who is yet to start, or struggling with, their communication assignment. If you have already completed your communication assignment or are not a CBI student, it will provide an excellent foundation in using reflective practice techniques to help you in your work and your everyday life.

Informed Consent & Informed Choice: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

What are the essential components of informed consent are? How do informed choice and informed consent relate to each other? What options do we have when we see informed consent NOT happening? How do we address it while maintaining our relationships?

In this interactive session we will explore the concepts of informed choice and informed consent, discovering what position the major obstetric bodies say about them. We will consider the most effective ways to encourage informed choice and steps we can practically take when our clients are denied their right to informed choice.

Cultural Competency & Cultural Humility

What is cultural competency and cultural humility? How do we continue to develop these skills? Why are they even important? Learn more about the key factors in providing culturally competent care and support and how to encourage cultural humility within your work environment.

Session 2 Workshops (11.15-13:00)

Comfort Measures: Hearts and Hands

What is in the bag of tricks that you bring to a client? In this interactive session you will explore the most helpful tools you have available to you – whether working with a client at a birth, or in the early days of parenting. Discover what parents really need and how you can bring your best self to support them.

Comfort Measures: Beyond the Double Hip Squeeze

This session will the tools you can use as a doula or midwife when you need to dig deeper. How do you effectively support a client who is shaking after an epidural? How can you help them refocus or make difficult decisions?

Doulas and Midwives: Building Positive Relationships

Explore the myriad of ways that midwives and doulas can successfully work side by side, each with a unique role and supporting the other. Understand the differing perspectives and the common areas where relationships break down.

Session 3 Workshops (14:20-16:30)

Smoothing Away The Stress: An Introduction to Balinese Massage in Pregnancy & Postpartum

A hands-on session introducing you to Balinese massage techniques and how they are used for healing and stress relief in pregnancy and the postpartum period. This session will be run by Ibu Komang, an incredibly talented masseuse. Oils provided.

Delicate Movements: An Introduction to Balinese Dance

Learn the basic movements in Balinese dance and explore its significance to women and young girls in Balinese society.

A Little of What Ails Us: Homeopathy, Pregnancy & Parenting

The leading Balinese expert will be hosting this fascinating workshop on homeopathy. Discover more about the way that homeopathy works within the body and the treatments that might be used by a homepath for common problems in pregnancy and the caring for a family.

SEO: Why These Three Letters Are So Important For Your Website

So you have a website but very few people visit it. You’re wondering if it is worth bothering with! In this fun session an SEO expert will share his secrets in simple steps you can take to improve the visibility of your website and increase the relevant visitors. This session is perfect for anyone who wants a web presence but isn’t a tech geek!

Evening Salon (17:15-18:30)

Identifying Our Challenges

We will have time for a quick swim and stretch before this relaxed session. In small groups we will explore the unique challenges that we each have and set our goals for the week. Light refreshments will be provided.

Saturday 12th May

Session 1 Workshops (9.00-11.00)

Empowered Birth: What Does it Look Like?

The most common reason birthworkers say they work in this field is so that they can empower women. But what is empowerment? Can we empower another person? How do we help women to find their voice? How do we cope when they don’t want to? In this session we will explore the concept of empowerment and identify strategies for determining the role a client wants to take in her birth experience, and our own coping mechanisms for handling our feelings when a client does not want to advocate for themselves.

Using Research In Our Practice

What is evidence based care? How do we read and interpret research? What is research bias and how do we recognize it? How do we communicate it to clients? What do we do in the face of non-evidence based care? How do we feel about research given the recent controversies about its accuracy? If the thought of reading a research paper makes you cringe, this is the workshop for you! This workshop will count as two book reviews for any CBI students currently working through a course.

The Counselling Process

What is the counselling process? What are its benefits and shortcomings? This session will explore the different steps of the counselling process with lots of practice in using it effectively. This workshop will count as a credit for two of the case studies for CBI students currently working through the Breastfeeding Counselor course.

One-on-One Reflective Session

For participants that would like to, a one-on-one session will be available to sit with a trainer and work through reflective practice. Two spaces are available.

Session 2 Presentation (11.15-13:00)


Sarah Buckley: The Physiology (and hormones) of Undisturbed Birth

In this fascinating presentation, Sarah will present her findings published in the report “Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing.” She will talk about the components of undisturbed birth, examine the current understandings of the hormonal physiology of undisturbed birth in relation to the onset of labor, and the impact of hormonal systems (oxytocin, beta-endorphins, epinephrine-norepinephrine and prolactin).

Session 3 Workshops (14:20-16:30)

Finding the Space to Go Within: Relaxation and Meditation During Pregnancy & Labor

In this hands-on session you will learn effective relaxation and meditation techniques that can easily be used with clients during pregnancy and labor to reduce stress and anxiety, and optimize the outcomes for mothers and babies. We will also explore the research and evidence of the benefits of relaxation and meditation and how they affect the brain.

A Spoonful of Goodness: Introduction to Balinese Jamu (traditional medicine)

Indonesians traditionally use jamu to heal. Jamu is made from seeds, roots, leaves and fruit of locally grown plants. You will regularly see the women who make and sell jamu, walking through villages with their jamu bottles in bamboo baskets on their backs. In this fascinating workshop you will make some traditional jamu mixtures used for common pregnancy complaints.

Rotational Positioning

Rotational positioning is a technique you can use with clients who are experiencing a posterior labor. During the workshop you will practice the technique and explore the situations where it may, or may not, be appropriate to use. We will also discuss the impact of non-medical interventions.

Savvy Social Media Skills

Social media can be of tremendous benefit in your desire to build your business, find clients, and reach a wider market. This workshop will explore the different ways you can take full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Hosted by a social media marketing expert, you will walk away with key skills that can help give you the advantage.

Evening (17:00-21:30)

Tirta Empul Sacred Water Blessing

You are invited to join us on Sunday evening for a water blessing at the sacred Tirta Empul temple. Ceremonial clothes provided. The cars will depart for the temple at 5pm and return at 9.30pm following a delicious Balinese meal. Additional cost: $30 including transport, meals and temple entrance fee. If your family is staying in Bali with you they are more than welcome to join us.

Sunday 13th May

Session 1 Presentation (9.00-11.00)


Sarah Buckley: The Magical Hour After Birth

This fascinating presentation explores the time after birth for mother and baby, including the normal hormonal orchestration during this stage, and how it is designed to enhance the long-term survival of mother and baby. Sarah will review the normal physiology of the third stage and the impact of interventions, including the timing of cord clamping, cord blood banking, and the separation of mother and baby. She will also explore the impact on breastfeeding and attachment.

Session 2 Presentations (11.15-13:00)

The Challenge Process: Renee Martyna

The first presentation will come from Renee Martyna, a former UN worker, turned social entrepreneur.The Challenge Process is a technique designed to help you identify the blocks in your life that are preventing you from achieving how you define success, and how to move through them.

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Globally: Aubrey Cody

The second presentation in this session will be from Aubrey Cody, author and Secretariat of two coalitions on women’s health. Aubrey will talk about the issues that impact infant and maternal health in developing countries and how the disparity of wealth and availability of healthcare limit women’s choices and affect the morbidity and mortality of women and children.

Session 3 Workshops (14:20-16:30)

Stretching into Bliss: An Introduction to Yoga for Pregnancy

A hands-on session introducing you to the benefits of yoga in pregnancy. Our expert yoga instructor will guide you through gentle movements and stretches that are safe to use in pregnancy, and explain some of the contraindications for certain yoga poses. Yoga mats provided.

Canang Sari: Offerings, Rituals and Beliefs in Bali

It’s impossible to miss the beautiful offerings that are carefully placed in front of temples, shops, and homes by the Balinese each day. Each part of these palm leaf baskets has significance and everything that is added to the offering is symbolic. During this fun session you will learn how to make canang sari and the meaning behind each part of the offering.

In the Zone: An Introduction to Self-Hypnosis in Labor

This hands-on session will be run by a certified hypnotherapist and 7th path hypnotherapist which specializes in self-hypnosis techniques. You will learn some of the techniques for self-hypnosis that you can use to help clients deepen their relaxation during labor.

Balancing the Books: Getting on Top of Your Business Finances

Few birthworkers actually enjoy doing the books! Sometimes because the idea of spreadsheets and accounting simply leave you feeling cold, other times because there is a fear about what the numbers might show of the reality of how much money is being made. In this hands-on session we will learn some simple techniques for managing your business finances and how to take the fear out of accounting.

Monday 14th May

Session 1 Workshops (9.00-11.00)

Navigating Loss and Grief

In this workshop we will explore how you, as birthworkers, effectively support families through loss and grief. Develop a deeper understanding of the myriad ways we manage grief, the things that can help support a family through grief, and the things that are not helpful! We will also consider how you negotiate your own path through loss and grief and the support structures you can put in place to help.

Childbirth Classes That Rock!

Whether you are teaching group childbirth classes or private sessions, this workshop will cover the different ways to effectively teach topics that are interactive, fun and effective. This workshop will count as three credits towards the teaching plan for students currently working through the Childbirth Educator course.

Postpartum Mental Health

Do you know the symptoms of postpartum mental health disorders? What support is available for women in your community for supporting them and how do you access those resources? This workshop will provide you with clear strategies to effectively support the women you work with.

One-on-One Reflective Session

For participants that would like to, a one-on-one session will be available to sit with a trainer and work through reflective practice. Two spaces are available.

Session 2 Presentation (11.15-13:00)

Ibu Robin Lim, CPM: Birth in Bali and Bumi Sehat Birth Center Tour

We have the privilege of being joined by Ibu Robin Lim, founder of the Bumi Sehat Birth Center. Ibu Robin will talk to us about what she has learned in the 20 years of supporting women in Bali, Sumatra, the Philippines and Haiti. She will then take us on a personal tour of Bumi Sehat.

Afternoon Excursions (13:00-17:00)

We have three exciting excursions available (additional cost US$60 per person) or you can choose to have a relaxing, free afternoon.

Luxury Spa Session

Cantika Zest spa will be our destination for this excursion. Indulge yourself in a full body massage, face wrap and hair treatment using Cantika Zest’s natural, organic products.

Volcano Cycle Ride

This fun excursion will be run by Wayan who will drive you up to the volcano and then meander your way (downhill!) through peaceful villages, rice fields and jungle tracks. You will stop at Wayan’s family compound for a light snack and fresh coconut water. Helmets provided.

Balinese Cookery Class

Learn how to make iconic Balinese dishes from the talented Ibu Kadek and enjoy a delicious feast and swim afterwards!

Tuesday 15th May

Session 1 Workshops (9.00-11.00)

Teaching and Supporting Breastfeeding

This practical workshop is paced full of tips and tricks for teaching breastfeeding classes and supporting women with breastfeeding problems. This workshop will count as one credit towards the case studies for CBI students currently working through the Breastfeeding Counselor course, or one credit towards the teaching plan (aims) for CBI students currently working through the Childbirth Educator course.

Birth Trauma and Giving Birth After Trauma

In this fascinating workshop you will discover the causes of birth trauma, how it impacts families, and what the latest research says on birth trauma.

Advocacy: What Role Does It Have in Our Work?

What is an advocate? Is it appropriate to be an advocate for our clients? What does that look like? We will explore different meanings of advocacy and how it relates to the clients we work with.

One-on-One Reflective Session

For participants that would like to, a one-on-one session will be available to sit with a trainer and wok through reflective practice. Two spaces are available.

Session 2 Presentations (11.15-13:00)

Working With Street Women and Children in Bali: Kim Farr

In this first presentation Kim will do to us about the amazing work she is doing with women and children living on the street. She will help us understand the circumstances that lead them to live there and the ways her organization is giving them new options and opportunities to build a healthier life for their children.

Thought Field Therapy For Trauma: Lianne Schwartz RM, TFT-Adv

Lianne is a midwife who specializes in techniques for healing after birth trauma. In this presentation she will introduce us to Thought Field Therapy and the role it has in helping women who have experienced trauma.

Session 3 Presentation & Workshop (14:20-16:30)


Sarah Buckley: The Impact of Interventions & Supporting Physiology in Any Situation


Sarah will look at the common interventions used in maternity care across the world and how these impact the normal physiology of labor and birth. In small groups we will explore the different ways that we can support physiology under different circumstances, regardless of the interventions that are taking place and the way that a particular labor unfolds.

Group Dinner (18:00-21:00)

Group Dinner

Join us for a beautiful Balinese feast, Balinese dance performance, and an opportunity to celebrate all we have explored over the course of the retreat.

Wednesday 16th May

Session 1 Workshops (9.00-11.00)

Traditional Postpartum Practices

In this fascinating workshop we will explore the different practices from cultures across the world and the importance of ritual and tradition in welcoming new life into the world. We will look at how we can integrate different approaches into our own work while being mindful of cultural appropriation.

Battles in the Birth Room: Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the birth room can happen in a number of ways. Conflict between family members, between a client and their caregiver, between birthworkers and caregivers. Discover simple techniques for defusing conflict and helping your clients achieve the experience they want and maintain healthy relationships.

Fertility Awareness

In this fascinating session we will explore the complexities of fertility and how we can support clients who are experiencing fertility challenges.

Open Question Session

If you would like to have time to sit with our trainers and ask any question you like, this is your opportunity!

Session 2 Group Discussion (11.15-13:00)

Addressing Our Challenges

We will begin this session with a guided meditation. We will refer back to the challenges we identified on the first day of the retreat and explore how we can use the learning we have accomplished over the week to address those challenges.

Session 3 Group Discussion (14:20-17:00)

Where Do We Go From Here?

Our final session will look at our goals and plans, and how we can build on what we have learned. We will finish this session with a swim and a final circle of gratitude.

Doulas and Midwives at Birthworkers retreat in Bali


Keynote Speaker: Dr Sarah Buckley, MB ChB, Dip Obst

Birthworkers Retreat with Sarah BuckleyWe are thrilled to have Sarah as our keynote speaker! She will be presenting three workshops over the course of the retreat:

  • The hormonal physiology of undisturbed birth
  • The magical hour after birth
  • The impact of interventions and supporting physiology in any situation

Sarah’s workshops are accredited with the Australian College of Midwives for continuing professional development credits.

Sarah J Buckley is a New-Zealand-trained GP/family physician with qualifications in GP-obstetrics and family planning. She is the mother of four home-born children, and currently combines full-time motherhood with her work as a writer on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland.

Dr Buckley’s work critiques current practices in pregnancy, birth, and parenting from the widest possible perspectives, including scientific, anthropological, cross-cultural, psychological, and personal. She encourages us to be fully informed in our decision-making; to listen to our hearts and our intuition; and to claim our rightful role as the real experts in our bodies and our children.

Her bestselling book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices, published by Celestial Arts/PenguinRandomHouse (US, 2009), builds on her acclaimed first edition, published in Australia as Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The Wisdom and Science of Gentle Choices in Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting (One Moon Press, Brisbane, 2005).

Dr Buckley has an ongoing interest in the hormones of labour and birth, and this has culminated in her groundbreaking report Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing (2015 Childbirth Connection, a program of the National Partnership for Women and Families). This report, available for free online,  has been described as “…one of the most revolutionary and influential publications on maternity and newborn care ever issued.”

Dr Buckley’s writing has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, US, and many other countries, including in: The Age newspaper (Melbourne, Australia), The Australian newspaper (Australia), Mothering magazine (US), MIDIRS Midwifery Digest (UK), Midwifery Today (US), Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (US); The Practicing Midwife (UK); The Mother (UK), The Green Parent (UK); Juno (UK) Byron Child/Kindred magazine (Aus), Natural Parenting (Aus), Mother and Baby (Aus); Playtimes (Aus); Wellbeing (Aus/NZ), Living Now (Aus),  Birthspirit Midwifery (NZ) and The Complete Mother (Canada). See below for a fuller list

Dr Buckley’s work has been incorporated into parenting books including:  Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (Norma Jane Bumgarner, US 2000); Lotus Birth by Shivam Rachana, (Australia, 2000); Loving Mama (edited by Tiffany Pallisi, US 2004); What Babies and Children Really Need (Sally Goddard Blyth, UK, 2008) and Heart to Heart Parenting (Robin Grille, Australia 2008). ). She has also written the forewords for The Wild Feminine (Tami Lynn Kent, US 2008) and the bestselling Pregnancy and Childbirth Secrets (Gail Dahl, Canada 2007)

She has contributed to professional texts including Midwifery Best Practice Volumes 4 and 5 (Edited by Sara Wickham, UK 2004 and 2009); Sharing Midwifery Knowledge: Tricks of the Trade Volume 4 (Midwifery Today, US 2004); and Essential Midwifery Practice: Intrapartum Care (Edited by Denis Walsh and Soo Downe, UK, 2010).

Dr Buckley has presented at over 120 workshops and conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, the US and Canada, lecturing to midwives, nurses, physicians, obstetricians, doulas, and childbirth educators as well as mothers and fathers.

Ibu Robin Lim, CPM

Ibu Robin Lim is known across the world for amazing work in midwifery. Robin is a registered with the North American Registry of Midwives and Ikatan Bidan Indonesia as a Certified Professional Midwife. She is the founder and executive director of the Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bali.

In addition to the support she gives to families, she has authored 19 books in four languages. Ibu Robin also teaches midwives, doulas and obstetricians around the world, spreading the message of Healing the Earth through Healing Birth.

Robin has been the recipient of three prestigious awards:

  • 2006: The International Alexander Langer Award for her efforts in promoting non-violent birth
  • 2011: CNN Hero of the Year
  • 21012: The Jeannine Parvati Birthkeeper Award from the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

“Every baby’s first breath on Earth could be one of peace and love. Every mother should be healthy and strong. Every birth could be safe and loving.” – Ibu Robin Lim

Renee Martyna

Renee Martyna is a former UN aid worker turned serial social entrepreneur who has lived and worked in 9 countries while raising two worldschooling boys. She and her husband Steve Munroe started Hubud– Bali’s first community coworking space– so that people could live, work, and learn differently, and help change the way the world does business. Hubud is now home to roaming creatives, down shifters, tech hacks, social entrepreneurs, Knowmads, and all other manner of location independent agents.  Renee is also the main curator of WIT, Women In Transition Bali, a ten week crash course in launching a new life, and a new way of being, on the island of the Gods.

Renee will be presenting “The Challenge Process,” a technique used to explore blocks in your life and how to move through them.

Aubrey Cody, MPH

Aubrey’s work is inspired by her belief that all women and children have a right to give and start life healthy and safe and to have access to health information and services throughout their lifetime. She has focused on expanding equitable access to medicines, lifesaving technologies and innovative solutions in low-income countries, by guiding philanthropic investment, launching new institutional initiatives, disseminating global knowledge and expertise and encouraging creative partnerships.

Over the past fifteen years, Aubrey’s passion for maternal, newborn and child health has taken her to Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Indonesia. She has designed and supported innovative reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health and non-communicable disease initiatives for international organizations, including Save the Children, Intrahealth International, and the International Rescue Committee. Aubrey has co-authored numerous publications including the U.N. Commission on Life Saving Commodities for Women and Children: Country Case Studies, Scaling Up Misoprostol for Postpartum Hemorrhage: Moving from Evidence to Action and A Call to Action: Women and Non-Communicable Diseases.

Aubrey serves as the Secretariat for two global coalitions, The Task Force on Women and Non Communicable Diseases and Cervical Cancer Action (CCA). As Secretariat of CCA, Aubrey organized and facilitated the launch of Cervical Cancer Prevention to Scale: Protecting All Women and Girls, a five-year, multi-partner initiative designed to scale access to cervical cancer prevention programs in low- and lower-middle income countries.

Aubrey holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a Master of Public Health from Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. Aubrey will be presenting on infant and maternal health globally.

Kim Farr

Kim has been living in Bali for the past 5 years. In that time she has established a successful non-profit, Ibu Ibu Bali Street Mum’s Project, that provides essential support for the women who live on the streets of Bali with their children. Providing real options for them, education for their children, and opportunities to develop skills that can give them employment as an alternative to street living and begging.

The goal of Ibu Ibu is to empower impoverished mothers with training, creating incomes and micro business opportunities.

Originally from New Zealand, Kim inspires us all with her passion and commitment.

Lianne Schwartz RM, TFT-Adv

In addition to over 16 years as a practicing midwife and a Master’s degree in health, Lianne is also a mother, educator, and an intuitive healer. Her passion is to empower people to live their full potential. Along with her birth work, Lianne offers one to one healing sessions, leads workshops, and works for Griffith University researching, writing curriculum and teaching in Masters Level Midwifery Programs.

Lianne uses and teaches an intuitive healing modality called Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to transform barriers in life, allowing the full expression of self to shine through. This is accomplished by releasing fears, past traumas, anxieties, and other energetic and subconscious blocks. From this background and success with using tapping in pregnancy and birth, the Tapping for Birth program was born.

With her rare ability to midwife consciousness, Lianne holds clients and students in a field of immense caring and facilitates them birthing their truest self.

Lianne lives with her family in Bali, Indonesia.

CBI Trainers

The morning workshops will be facilitated by five of our CBI trainers. With between twelve and thirty plus years experience as birth workers each, our trainers will guide you through reflective practice, explore challenging topics, and ensure that you have a week of immersive learning where you have opportunities to deeply connect with each other and with the passion that brought you to this week initially.


Villa Beji Indah is a socially conscious eco-hotel. Eleven individually styled rooms set among a lush 1.8 hectares of forest land just 5 minutes drive from the center of Ubud, this is the perfect place to connect with other midwives, doulas and educators. Set on the edge of the stunning river Woz, 3 swimming pools and 7 ponds offer the sound of water throughout this nature resort. Two yoga shalas and 3 meditation pavilions offer the perfect space for rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Located in the village of Nyuh Kuning known for its spiritual elements, alternative treatments and it’s wonderful restaurants. This is one of the most picturesque suburbs of Ubud. Beji Indah take pride in their involvement in the local community, the investment in their staff and the environment. They raise funds and support Yayasan Bali Peduli which provides life saving testing and treatment services for people living with HIV in Bali. Please note that Beji Indah is a no smoking property. There is an area at the front of the property if you would like to smoke.

All rooms at Beji Indah are air-conditioned and equipped with modern facilities including a safe deposit box, minibar, fan, wi-fi and writing desk. The semi outdoor bathrooms come with organic locally made shower and wash products. Free WiFi is available in all rooms and can be shared (two King or Queen beds) or single (one King or Queen bed).

Accommodation is also available at the Birthkeeper’s Space. Just five minutes walk from Beji Indah (where our daily workshops and presentations will be held), the Birthkeeper’s Space consists of comfortable shared rooms with twin beds in an antique Javanese building, swimming pool and kitchen. The Birthkeeper’s Space is part of Ibu Robin Lim’s property – the founder of Bumi Sehat.

For both locations you can book a single private room, or choose to share. If you are coming with a friend, let us know their name when you book and we wil make sure you are roomed in together. If you would like a share room and are coming alone, we will match you up with another participant. All share rooms have two beds (bed size is dependent on the room you choose).

Standard Rooms – Beji Indah

There are 3 standard rooms which all have spectacular views of the lush garden. Each room is approximately 40sqm and has either one or  two queen size beds. Price includes: retreat workshops, presentations, accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Share 2 Queens $2,190 pp $1,940 pp $420 pp $370 pp
Single 1 Queen $2,610 pp $2,360 pp $490 pp $440 pp
Standard Suite
Superior Suite

Superior Rooms – Beji Indah

There are 2 very unique rooms called Bima and Yudistira. Bima is a traditional Balinese house on 2 floors. Upstairs are the bedroom and living room. There are no walls and the room is enclosed with bamboo curtains in the evening with mosquito nets around the bed. Downstairs is a beautiful bathroom and sitting area. Both floors with spectacular views of the garden and hills. Yudistira is a private suite at the end of this large property. It has a stunning view and is the most secluded of all our suites. Price includes retreat workshops & presentations, accommodation, breakfast & lunch.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Share 2 Queens $2,250 pp $2,000 pp $430 pp $380 pp
Single 1 Queen $2,730 pp $2,480 pp $510 pp $460 pp

Deluxe Rooms – Beji Indah

There are 3 deluxe rooms available, either as a single or shared room. Each room is 60-100sqm giving plenty of room to stretch out and relax! These spacious suites feature semi-outdoor bathrooms with showers and terraces overlooking the tropical gardens. Every room has spectacular views of the garden and hills. Price includes retreat workshops & presentations, accommodation, breakfast & lunch.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Share 2 Kings $2,310 pp $2,060 pp $440 pp $390 pp
Single 1 King $2,850 pp $2,600 pp $530 pp $480 pp
Deluxe Suite
Grand Deluxe Suite

Grand Deluxe Suites – Beji Indah

The Grand Deluxe Suites (Arjuna and Sahadewa) are 100sqm with king size beds & a double day-bed. They feature a private pool, separate living area and terrace, offering spectacular views of the garden, hills, river and pool. Separate living areas, outdoor patio, writing desk, and dining table are all included.  The rooms is equipped with telephone,  safe deposit box, air conditioning, ceiling fan and sofa. The outdoor bathroom is complete with organic shower and wash products along with mosquito repellents. Price includes retreat workshops & presentations, accommodation, breakfast & lunch.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Share 2 Kings $2,430 pp $2,180 pp $460 pp $460 pp
Single 1 King $3,090 pp $2,840 pp $570 pp $510 pp

Birthkeepers Space

Set inside a beautiful ancient teak building, shared and single rooms are available. Complete with a pool, kitchen and areas for relaxation. Price includes retreat workshops & presentations, accommodation, breakfast & lunch.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Share 2 Singles $2,040 pp $1,790 pp $395 pp $345 pp
Single 1 Single $2,310 pp $2,060 pp $440 pp $390 pp
Ibu Robin Lim - presenting at birthworkers retreat

Workshops & Retreat – No Accommodation

If you would prefer to arrange your own accommodation you can choose to attend the daily workshops and presentations. We can provide you with a list of suggested hotels in the area. We recommend staying in Nyuh Kuning – a small village just 10 minutes from Ubud and beside the Monkey Forest – so you are within easy walking distance of the retreat center. There are lots of restaurants and cafes nearby.

Type Configuration Usual Price Early Bird Price Monthly Payments Monthly Early Bird
Workshops N/A $1,750 pp $1,400 pp $330 pp $280 pp


Throughout the week we will host a number of activities for you to enjoy. We will kick off the retreat with welcome drinks and canapes from 5pm on Thursday 10th May. We will finish the retreat with a beautiful group circle by the river.

Complimentary Yoga Session

Join us in the beautiful yoga shala for a complimentary yoga session with Pak Wayan on Friday morning at 7am. Breakfast available afterwards.

Additional yoga sessions are available for 100,000rp (about US$8) per person by arrangement.

Tirta Empul Sacred Water Blessing

You are invited to join us on Sunday evening for a water blessing at the sacred Tirta Empul temple. Ceremonial clothes provided. The cars will depart for the temple at 5pm and return at 9.30pm following a delicious Balinese meal. Additional cost: $30 including transport, meals and temple entrance fee. If your family is staying in Bali with you they are more than welcome to join us.

Special Excursions

We have three wonderful excursions available on Monday afternoon (14th May) to give you an opportunity to explore Bali and the culture and beauty of Balinese people.

  • Volcano Bike Ride with Wayan – explore hidden villages, dip in a refreshing waterfall and visit to Wayan’s family compound for a cooling, fresh coconut water (helmets provided)
  • Spa Afternoon – 4 hours of treatments from Cantika Zest Spa
  • Balinese Cookery Class – the talented Ibu Kadek will teach you how to make a variety of delicious Balinese dishes

Additional cost: $60 including transport. If your family is staying in Bali with you they are more than welcome to join us.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations prior to 31st Dec 2017 – $500 non-refundable deposit
Cancellations from 1st Jan 2018 – 15th March 2018 – 50% refund of total price paid
No refunds for any cancellations after 15th March 2018

Travel Insurance

All participants must have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, lost luggage, flight delays and trip cancellation

Scholarships and Discounts

We have four scholarship places available to Indonesian citizens, women of color, indigenous women and women on Medicaid (or similar). The scholarship places provide you with a 75% discount on the workshop price. Accommodation is not included but we can help you locate affordable accommodation if you are unfamiliar with Bali. Travel costs to Bali are not included. If you would like to apply for a scholarship place please contact us and we will help you with the application form.